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"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected"

- William Plomer 


Normally, it is the creativity and genius of another artist that inspires and influences our own decisions within the visual arts. I have discovered that I am more driven by the power of art and the effects it can have on a community to connect people from all walks of life. 


Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, my passion for the creative arts flourished. From dance and musicals to visual arts and music, I explored all facets of the creative world. However, it would be in the vivid and beautiful Eastern Townships, at Bishop's University that I would study Fine Arts and Education. Throughout my time at Bishop's University I was able to study Art History, Art Therapy, Art Education, and a variety of Studio courses including painting, drawing, print making, and sculpting. During which,  I would also complete an Online Photography course with IPhotography, which would allow me to further develop my skills as a photographer. 


Over the years I have been commissioned as a painter, a cartoonist, graphic artist and a photographer. Each experience has been unique, giving me the chance to explore and expand my knowledge and repertoire that is required for the field. However, it would be my experience in 2016 that would influence my artistic philosophy and creative authority, In May 2016, I traveled to Chiang Mai Thailand to work with Art Relief International; a volunteer organization that used art within the community. I was able to witness what it looked like to communicate and connect across space and time. We worked with a variety of communities ranging from orphanages, to juvenile detention boys, to single mothers and boys from the red light district. These workshops were a way for each person to express what they were feeling and finding ways to connect with the people and world around them.

Art connects people together across space and time. It is a form of communication that transcends language barriers; it is it's own language. I attempt to place memories into tangible pieces that can survive time. I create to form connections to my audience and I hope that through my experience people will find a sense of joy and love for the world.  

It is my dream to become an art educator or an art therapist. I truly believe that art can help mend communities spiritually, emotionally and mentally. If we can learn to listen and respect each other the rest will follow. 

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