Yoga Journey Day 1

My Yoga Journey

I found yoga about a two and a half years ago.

I had found myself in a funk. I had done Crossfit, Bootcamp classes, played organized sports, swam, and nothing really motivated me anymore. I still loved all the classes and had enjoyed them all, I was just looking for something different.

I had started taking online expressive art therapy courses and all of them spoke about meditation and the importance of expression and a lot of them referred to yoga practices. So I decided to try it. (Practice what you preach)

I started at Love Yoga in Cornwall, Ontario. They had a variety of classes and very kind instructors. I instantly fell in love with how I felt after the classes. I felt awakened, as though I could sense more of the beauty around me. I also discovered how much I loved different types of yoga. Realizing that some days my body craved long poses or that it wanted to be energized.

However, working and making it to classes wasn't always possible so I went in search of yoga that I could do at home.

Do Yoga with Me

Do Yoga with Me is a great site. It has a variety of free videos for each type of yoga. Moreover, it has excellent videos for beginners. I was able to learn proper techniques for breathing and sitting.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is another one of my go to's! Her personality makes you feel like you're doing yoga with a friend. She has lots of videos for when you're stressed, sore, or just need a morning wake up.

Yoga with Franny

Yoga with Franny doesn't have as many videos to choose from but it does combine yoga with a Bootcamp for those who want to get fit or just want to get their blood pumping. She is a local Cornwallian sharing some awesome yoga with the world. Franny also does classes every Sunday at Crossfit Cornwall to help them get their stretches in too.

Of course there are tons of different videos out there. So please share your favourites below. I would love to try them out!

Of course, there are tons of different videos out there. So please share your favorites below. I would love to try them out!