Rachel Sussman

Today I had the privilege of having a guest speaker in my Art History Course (Current Art Practices and Production: Make Space or Move on: Spatial Politics in Current Art). This guest speaker was Rachel Sussman, a contemporary photographer from Brooklyn. Her critically acclaimed work "The Oldest Living Things in the World" was a ten-year project in which she photographed and documented the oldest living things. She worked with over 30 different scientists and was able to create a work of art that combines art, science and philosophy into one amazing piece of work. Her talk really struck a cord with my current pull towards using art to convey a message. She sought to travel the world in order

2018 Goals

Sorry I've been MIA. It's always harder to create when you aren't in your usual space. However, I'm back now with new goals and ideas for the 2018 year. Due to a shift in priorities this year I am hoping to focus much more on my painting. I have a painting scheduled for February as well as 4 new paintings for sure in the next three months. I am very excited to try new art products, styles, and ideas. To follow what I'm up to more closely check out my facebook page or Instagram page. https://www.facebook.com/alyssamcleandesign/ or @alyssamcleandesign But that's not all that will be happening this year. I am also going to be taking a digital imaging course, so I'm excited to be able to incorpo

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