Yoga Journey Day 11

My goal throughout this Yoga Journey was to slow down and start a practice that would benefit my mind, body, and soul. What I didn't think about was how much I would start to crave it.

I have moved my practice to first thing in the morning. Wake up and yoga. Some mornings it's the perfect stretch for me. Sometimes it forces me to have to concentrate a little more on being mindful because my brain hasn't fully awakened yet. By starting in the morning, I find I set my mind to be more mindful throughout the day. It's made me pause and take time to acknowledge how I feel, and to complete poses either at my desk or standing to help alleviate the tension and stress that I feel throughout the day.

Over the course of the 11 days, I have noticed how much stronger I feel. Both mentally and physically. When I started the practice it wasn't my goal but I didn't realize how much stronger and flexible I would become. I've been able to work through the uncomfortable poses more easily and I know that I can push through mentally for the tougher workouts.

If you've started a similar journey please don't be afraid to share your journey with me or others.

Get moving and stay creative!

New painting coming soon!!