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Screen Time - Yoga Journey Day 5

Don't worry I didn't skip day four but I did take a break from the computer yesterday. It was nice to take the break, especially as some of us are probably spending a good amount of our day in front of screens.

I was curious to see how much I have been using my phone (which is only one of the screens I use). This past week, Sunday to Saturday, I had a total screen time of 15 hours and 22 minutes! And today isn't even done. If it did include my laptop and the TV we have, I don't think I could handle hearing how much I've used them in the last few days. Of course, my phone has also been how I talk to people, but 15h seems a little much.

In light of all this technology talk, and how I've been working on my yoga journey, I am going to work on cutting down my screen time. I'm going to set an hour of downtime each day at different times. This will force me to go and take a break, even if I'm in the middle of something. I think this will also help my mental health as I won't be taking in as much news in a day, which can affect how you feel. Lastly, I will be making sure to turn off my phone 30 minutes before bed, and work towards an hour.

Try it out for yourself. Set yourself some limitations on how much time you are spending in front of a screen. Try a home workout, practice yoga, do some yard work, read a book, do something that brings you joy.


As for my yoga and fitness journey, I have been on the ball lately. I have completed up to day 5 of the Home series. I'm focusing on making sure to activate muscles and using my breath to do so. I'm also working on drowning out the noises around me. Since everyone in the household needs to use the space, sometimes I need to work extra hard to focus if I'm not alone. It's forcing me to stay focused and work through irritations.

My 80-day Obsession fitness journey is also coming along. I am enjoying it more and more! At first, it felt so long, but now I look forward to it. Additionally, I found myself a workout buddy, someone who can keep me accountable. So each day we send a message to one another just to see if we've done it, and if we haven't normally we are just about to.

I used to have gym buddies back in the day. When I played soccer I went to the gym with a few of the girls. Before that, I used to go with my mum. I've almost always gone with someone, and I think it's one of the reasons I stopped going. Having someone that just checks in with me, even though we aren't actually doing it alone, has helped bring back my sense of accountability. It's helped push me to workout even when I don't want to.

Let me know if you have a gym buddy or what you do to keep yourself accountable.


I hope everyone has a great day! Get moving and do something that feeds your soul!


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