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Yoga Journey Day 3

Day 5 quarantine

Day 3 of Yoga Journey with some food for thought at the end.

Today is day 5 and I am realizing that I need to do more physical activity in a day. So I added more to my routine in hopes that it would alleviate some stress and tension.

I started the day with a 40-minute spin workout from Studio SWEAT OnDemand. It took some adjusting because it was my first time using an indoor trainer with my bike. If social distancing

keeps up, I will definitely be purchasing a stationary bike!

Next, I continued with day 2 of the 80 Day Obsession workout from Beach Body. Today's video focused on the lower body and I know I will have a tough time walking tomorrow.

After both workouts, I finished off my exercise routine with yoga. I completed day 2 of Yoga with Adriene's Home series. Today's focus was on intention. The intention, or mantras, can help develop a personal sense of being and can be something that grounds them during difficult as well as happy times. Intentions are something I sometimes struggle with. One that my soccer coach used to use was "pushing forward," except sometimes forward isn't an option. So the one that I'm adopting for the next little while is to "keep moving".

I have truly been enjoying my time on the mat and I am finding it is the perfect way to end my exercise routine before settling in and doing some work, studying or blogging.

Food for Thought

I have been steadily working on my Yoga and Expressive art therapies course for a few days now. While completing the course work I have been working on myself and practicing yoga more regularly and this has contributed to my understanding of some of the course work.

The other day I was asked to watch the two following videos and read the following article, I have attached all three for you.

Video 1:

Amy Cuddy on ower Posing

After watching the above video, please read the following article:

Video 2:

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk on the Position of Joy

Question: Do you think that the body can have an impact on the way we feel? Can it change how we think? Can it change our emotions?

Please share your opinions below.


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