Water Consumption

As the years pass on society is realizing the growing issue of water. Global warming is causing our glaciers to melt resulting in a rising sea level. Not only is the change in temperature affecting the environment, but our use of plastic water bottles is as well. Each year, thousands of plastic water bottles are thrown away, ending up in the water, on beaches or in landfills waiting to decompose... which takes about 450 years. This needs to stop. At the beginning of the 2017 school year I was watching a Sunday Morning episode about how when natural disasters strike the relief that is sent isn't always useful. One of the examples was sending water bottles. The interviewee explained that it co

Up and Coming Studio Work

I am pleased to let everyone know that I will be taking two studio classes while attending Bishop's this semester. I will be taking a Photography course as well as an Advanced Studio Problems course. Photography My photography course will have multiple assignments working with the limitations and possibilities of the medium as well as applying an exploratory attitude towards ideas and photographic practices. My first assignment will be to work with exposure both inside and outside. Requirements: - Composition must take into account negative space - All four pictures must have a connection (my chosen theme will be on human connection/contact - And finally their will be key words and a small p

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