Up and Coming Studio Work

I am pleased to let everyone know that I will be taking two studio classes while attending Bishop's this semester. I will be taking a Photography course as well as an Advanced Studio Problems course.


My photography course will have multiple assignments working with the limitations and possibilities of the medium as well as applying an exploratory attitude towards ideas and photographic practices.

My first assignment will be to work with exposure both inside and outside.


- Composition must take into account negative space

- All four pictures must have a connection (my chosen theme will be on human connection/contact

- And finally their will be key words and a small paragraph accompanying the pictures to reveal my intentions for the project.

Studio Problems

Our project this semester will be working from Digital Art to Analog back to Digital.

We need to identify a theme that we will be using for this project and make sure to include inspiration from digital artifacts. Once we have chosen our theme and digital artifacts from there we will be completing an analogical series.

The theme I have chosen is: Environmental and Consumerism/ Artistic Appropriation

Inspiration and reference points will be various videos about consumerism and recycling as well as the well known artist Andy Warhol.