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International Art Relief

In May 2016 I was granted the opportunity to travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand to work with the non-profit organization Cultural Canvas Thailand.

About Cultural Canvas Thailand

Cultural Canvas Thailand was founded with the mission to generate awareness of social and global issues in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Members continue to play a major role in the transformation of the Chiang Mai community with programs to help those with HIV/AIDS, refugees, impoverished ethnic minorities, and sex workers. The Art Relief Program uses creative means as a tool for change. It allows community members the opportunity to express themselves and cultivate their inner creativity. Art Relief operates a variety of workshops for local community members providing a safe space for them to participate in creative activities. Some workshops include science, while others incorporate specific cultural events.


With a diverse population, it is important that there be constructive and creative activities for all ages. Visionaries, like Cultural Canvas Thailand, saw the potential benefits of volunteer programs like Art Relief, empowerment programs, environmental protection programs, assistance and outreach programs to provide resources for a variety of individuals. Cultural Canvas Thailand developed the Art Relief program

to provide an outlet for creativity among these people. They chose an Art Relief program because it can create an environment of inclusion and belonging. It can bring a community together and allow them to learn from each other.

My Experience

I stayed in Thailand for a total of three weeks. As a group we would work each day, traveling to different organizations to conduct workshops. To read all about my days, where I went, who I saw, and what workshops we conducted, please visit my Travel Blog at:

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