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The Owl is at an Art Gallery

Today marks a special day. Today I signed a sixty day contract with Cailuan Gallery in hopes of selling my first print.

Cailuan Gallery

On Saturday, March 25th, Cailuan Gallery and Studios opened their doors to add to the artistic side of downtown Cornwall. Tracy Lynn Davies wanted to brighten the artistic community and give artists a space to collaborate and share their work. Tracy works alongside Sandra Taylor Hedges, the gallery's curator, a renowned local artist herself. Cailuan Gallery, located at 225 Pitt Street, provides exhibit space for local art, most of which are also available for sale, as well as materials and classes for both adults and children.

You can connect with Cailuan Gallery at:

  • Website:

  • Facebook:

  • Twitter:

The Owl, a 20x30 arylic painting, was converted into a 20x30 print.

This print will be one of a kind, as it will be the only one printed to the original scale.

It will be on display at Cailuan Gallery for 60 days.


Cost: $165.00

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